Planning Effective Communications

Simple and straightforward, this planning tool structures the communications planning process to ensure tight alignment with organizational objectives.  It pivots on securing the active support of stakeholders acting on behalf of the organization’s objectives.  Knowing these stakeholders needs and priorities then guides the creation of messaging conveyed via stories that resonate.

The planning process begins at the end, with an organization’s:

  • Objectives (Step 1, far right), followed by an identification of
  • Who needs to act, feel or think differently to achieve the objectives (Steps 2 and 3, left).  Next, comes determining
  • How to secure that support (Steps 4-6, left), and then the
  • Strategies, tactics, timing, location and resources needed for implementation (Steps 7-11, right).

The result is summarized at the top of the grid.  Click here for a PDF copy of the animated planner below. For a more detailed discussion of the process, click here for the essay, “Achieving Organizational Objectives Using Active Communications.”

comms planner animation



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