Why Climb the Curve

Shared Climbs

Only a shared climb of the learning curve can take an organization to its objectives, and that’s only possible with compelling communications.  At Climb the Curve Communications, we help organizations achieve their objectives by engaging influencers and stakeholders in shared climbs of the curve.

We do this with creative communications strategy, stronger reputations, deft crisis management, compelling messages, powerful writing, results-driving employee engagement, successful market positions, supportive alliances, savvy social media and positive public policies.

Charting the Course

Our structured planning process pivots on securing active stakeholder and influencer support for the organization’s objectives.  It begins at the end with this simple question:  What are the objectives?  To achieve them, we determine who needs to act, think or feel differently.  Their needs and priorities guide the creation of messaging conveyed via resonating language, visuals, stories and examples.  (More)

Swimming the Stream

What used to be news and advertising is now part of an integrated content stream, including visuals, videos and vignettes.  Steering message-containing stories through the content stream to their intended audiences is a specialty of Climb the Curve Communications.  For example, we integrate news and social media in building reputations and resolving crises. (More)

Ascending with Allies

Identifying shared goals and then working together on achieving them — that’s the surest path to public policy success.   We help organizations achieve their objectives by relying on “competitive cooperation.” It’s competitive because an organization’s issue management performance will have a material impact on its competitiveness, measured by achievement of organizational objectives. But, it’s also cooperative, because diverse issue agendas require issue by issue coalition building, even with traditional adversaries. (More)

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